AIA staff posts photo showing customer's NRIC number on Instagram Stories

Submitted by Stomper Moon

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Moon was shocked when she came across an Instagram Story shared by a woman she follows showing her customer's personal information.

Stomp did a background check and found out that the woman does indeed work for AIA Singapore.

She had posted the photo expressing how sweet her boyfriend was for buying her a Crunchie chocolate bar just because she was craving it.

Although she may not have realised what she had done, her carelessness exposed her customer's National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) number to her 1,775 followers without consent.

"It was clearly stated on the right hand side of the letter that this letter is private and confidential," said Moon.

"This lady here has shown how irresponsible youngsters nowadays are in posting things online.

"Not only that, she has also failed to safeguard customer data that is supposed to be kept within the company.

"She is definitely not the right one to work in such a company that deals with millions of customer personal data.

"I sincerely hope the company does something about it and the customer information that has been leaked out."