82-year-old woman left childless after both daughters die from cancer -- within 18 months of each other

A woman has been left childless after losing both her daughters to breast cancer in less than 18 months.

Her younger daughter, 46, passed away on Saturday (Feb 25) at home, after a four-year battle against cancer, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

She had first been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, but it had been treated then. However, when it relapsed in 2013, the family discovered that the cancer had spread to her brain and bones.

In December 2015, the 82-year-old woman’s older daughter had died, after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014. At the time, she was 47 years old.

On Sunday (Feb 26), the bereaved mother told Lianhe Wanbao:

“My younger daughter always told me to not worry, and that there would be someone to take care of me.”

Now, the one taking care of her is her older daughter’s husband.

The husband told Lianhe Wanbao:

“The sisters were very close to each other.

“We never expected them to both have breast cancer.”