63-year-old disabled ah ma gets knocked down by cab driver who gives her personal number to seek compensation, only to find it's fake

A 63-year-old unemployed woman on a wheelchair was hit by a cab driver at Hospital Drive, located within Singapore General Hospital, last Saturday, at around 1pm. 

After the accident, the driver left her his contact number so they could discuss the compensation, but when the woman tried dialling the number given, a Indian woman picked up, prompting the victim to believe that she had been handed a bogus number.

The accident also broke the victim’s electrical wheelchair, and she sustained injuries on her back as well, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

The victim is disabled and is dependent on her electrical wheelchair for mobility. 

She told reporters that on the day of the incident, she had gone to the central wing of the hospital to receive a roommate who had just come out of surgery, and the two were heading back to the east wing:

“While we were crossing the zebra crossing, a taxi suddenly darted out and hit my electrical wheelchair.”

She said that a Chinese driver then stopped the cab and alighted.

He apologised to her and left her a contact number, saying that she could contact him via the number to discuss about compensation details, before driving off.

The victim later discovered that her electrical wheelchair had been damaged by the collision:

“There was some problems with my wheelchair after that.

“It became very slow.

“A few parts and the wheels were damaged.

“After I returned home, my back and arms started hurting as well due to the collision.”

She decided to call the cab driver, but was shocked when an Indian woman picked up, suspecting that the number given was fake:

“The wheelchair was just repaired about a month ago.

“Now it’s spoilt again, and the reparation fees cost more than a $1,000. 

“Where will i get the money from?

“I had to lend a wheelchair from a friend.

“Furthermore, I had to go to a hospital to seek treatment for the injuries on my back and arms, and that costed a few hundreds as well.”

The victim has lodged a police reports and hopes to find the driver soon.

She said:

“How can he cheat a disabled person?

“This is simply too much.”

The police has confirmed the case, commenting that it is under investigation and they are in the process of uncovering the driver’s identity.