23-year-old driver slips into coma, dies after his car skids and turns turtle along Neo Tiew Rd

A 23-year-old driver was pronounced dead last Friday (Feb 24) following an accident that left his car upside down along Neo Tiew Rd.

The driver had been ferrying two passengers along Neo Tiew Lane 3 on Feb 19 at about 4am.

Somehow, the car skidded and turned turtle, and the driver was sent unconscious to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

He was already in a coma by the time he arrived at the hospital, said the man’s father, who was notified by a friend about the accident at about 5am that day.

The man remained unconscious and in the intensive care unit until Friday, where doctors declared him brain dead.

On Saturday, the man’s father told Lianhe Wanbao:

“We received a call from the hospital at 8 in the morning yesterday.

“The doctors said he was already brain dead.

"We were unable to see him for the last time.”

His father added that his son had decided to enlist in the army after secondary school instead of going to the Institute of Technical Education.

“He wised up in recent years,” said his father, who is a 54-year-old school bus driver.

“He started attending night classes, and three months ago he started to drive as an Uber driver so that he could pay for his school fees by himself.”

When the accident happened, there were two passengers in the car, aged 16 and 18. They were sent conscious to the hospital.

It is unclear if they were passengers the driver had picked up through Uber, or if they were his friends.

The police told Lianhe Wanbao that investigations are underway.