Zhuhai woman fails driving test 7 times, overturns car on 8th try

Since young, we have been taught that if you do not succeed in something the first time, try again until you do.

A woman in China, however, should probably not heed that advice in order to prevent herself from getting into further harm.

According to Oriental Daily, she had failed her driving test seven years and got into an accident on her eighth attempt.

The incident occurred on Aug 18 in Zhuhai, Guangdong.

The woman had lost control of her vehicle as she went through an S-bend on the road, hit a tree and wall, before her car turned turtle.

She later realised that in her nervousness, she had stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake when approaching the bend.

"The car kept going faster instead of stopping", she added.

Watch a video showing rescuers trying to coax the woman out of the overturned car below.