Yummy! Otter enjoys live seafood like the rest of us at Punggol End

Submitted by Stomper Nature Lover

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Stomper Nature Lover was pleasantly surprised when he came across an otter feasting on a fish at Punggol End on Aug 22 at 6.20pm.

In a video he sent to Stomp, a lone otter can be seen munching on a fish, close to the bank.

A crowd of curious onlookers gathered on the bank to enjoy the adorable sight.

Nature Lover explains to Stomp:

"At Punggol End, a popular spot for residents and tourists to enjoy seafood with views of the Straits of Singapore. 

"A lone otter can be seen enjoying a freshly caught fish.

"This video was taken on Hari Raya Haji, witnessed by many onlookers, enjoying the holidays. 

"What a great treat it was for us, and also for the otter."