YouTubers stalk convoy transporting new MRT train cars to Tuas Depot, get questioned by LTA staff

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Is it illegal?

Two YouTubers followed a convoy transporting new MRT train cars to Tuas Depot at night and a video of their antics was uploaded on Dec 23.

Stomper Anonymous believes what the YouTubers did was against the law.

"On Dec 19, there was a new train being delivered to Tuas Depot, which is a restricted area," said the Stomper.

"There were a few train enthusiasts waiting outside the depot for the new train to be delivered. One of the YouTubers was apparently caught by Land Transport Authority (LTA) staff for filming but gave silly excuses to film despite not being allowed to film outside the train depot as it is a restricted area."

The exchange between the YouTubers and the LTA staff can be heard in the YouTube video.

"Sorry, where are you all from?" asked the LTA staff, who was not caught on camera.

The reply cannot be heard clearly due to the noise in the video, but one of the YouTubers then said: "We're just filming the train for fun."

The LTA staff then asked: "Okay, are you all going to post anywhere?"

A YouTuber replied: "We're just getting shots of it outside before it goes in because once it goes in, it's a protected area. We can't shoot it inside. This is still a public area."

LTA: "I just want to see what you want to do with the photos."

YouTuber: "We do YouTube. We are just showing people the new trains and all."

LTA: "I just want to know only."

YouTuber: "It's all right. Thanks."

YouTuber Maxson Goh, who uploaded the video, then turned the camera on himself and said: "So that voice you heard just now was someone from LTA. He was just asking us where we were from and what we were doing. He didn't try to stop us or anything.

"He was polite and professional. So keep it up. Well done."

The Stomper does not think this is right.

"The main question is, why do these train enthusiasts have the special privilege to track the new train delivery, which is confidential? Also, why are they allowed to film near the restricted area?" asked the Stomper.

"Why did the LTA staff choose to believe the silly excuses knowing that they are filming right outside a restricted area? What happens if anything happens?"

So were the YouTubers breaking the law?

No, they were not.

They were allowed to shoot their video because they were in a public area even if it is near a restricted area.

As long as they remained outside the restricted area, they were not doing anything illegal.