Youths charge e-scooter using power socket at Tampines void deck

Submitted by Stomper Sathya

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A youth was spotted charging an e-scooter at the void deck of Block 475 Tampines Street 44 on Dec 24.

Stomper Sathya, who works in the area, captured a video of the incident at about 7.20pm that night.

In the video he sent to Stomp, a group of youths can be seen hanging around the void deck.

One of them can be seen seated on the ground next to an e-scooter being charged.

A cable can be seen to be connected to the e-scooter and a power socket.

The Stomper filmed the incident while walking past the youths.

He said: "I have seen these guys charging their e-scooter from the power point before when I am on my way to pay my bills at the AXS Station nearby.

"To my understanding, the box containing the power point was locked before.

"I really don't know how they picked its lock.

"I feel angry as there were many passers-by at that time and they still dared to carry out such actions."

According to the Tampines Town Council's website, a fee will be charged for each power point rented.

Bookings for using utilities, like the power points, have to be made before use.