Causing a racket with their rackets: Youths play badminton during wee hours at Rivervale Street

Submitted by Stomper Rebecca

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Stomper Rebecca was frustrated after being constantly kept awake by the slamming of shuttlecocks against rackets at 2am.

And, according to Rebecca, this is not a one-off incident -- it has been happening daily.

She shared with Stomp that a group of youths has been gathering at Block 127 Rivervale Street since Oct 19 to play badminton.

"These people gather every day at 2am to play badminton and it is causing such a ruckus," Rebecca said.

"They are not wearing masks and there is no social distancing among them too.

"I took the video on Oct 23 but this has been happening since Oct 19. They play for hours until about 4am.

"Sometimes, their shuttlecock will get stuck on the ledge near the ceiling, and they will throw plastic bottles and other items up to retrieve it. It really is very noisy."

Rebecca also said she noticed that the "cable protector" near the ceiling was damaged as items were constantly being thrown at it.

"I feel hopeless because even though Sengkang Town Council has put up posters regarding this issue, these youths still gather to play badminton everyday," Rebecca added.

Stomp has contacted Sengkang Town Council for more information.

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