Youth prank-calls carpark intercom to order McSpicy, gets nervous after operator mentions CCTV and police

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A youth decided it would be fun to prank call a carpark intercom operator but got a little nervous when the voice on the other end threatened to call the police.

A video of the incident, apparently recorded by one of the youth's friends, was posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road's Facebook page on Nov 16.

It is unclear where or when this happened.

In the video, the youth speaks into the intercom and says, "Can I get two McSpicy meals?"

The operator responds, "You don't know there's a CCTV there? I can call the police and get you all arrested okay."

The youth then puts his two fingers up and says, "okay, peace".

The operator tells him that they "better run" before he calls the police.

This does not seem to scare the youth who replies, "Okay, I will arrange it, take care, have a good night."

When the operator again repeats he will call the police, the youth appears to get a little nervous and says, "relax, relax" before wishing peace upon him.

Sensing the teen is not sincere, the operator said the police will come anyway and that photos of the group of youths will be submitted to the authorities.

Netizens commented on the video and said the youth deserves a visit from the police. Some added there is no need for CCTV footage since one of them already recorded and posted a video of the incident.