Youth flashes middle finger at Ikea shopper who interrupted her TikTok dance

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Update at 3.40pm:

The TikTok video was taken down shortly after the publication of this Stomp report.

Original article:

Some people visit Ikea to get furniture or decor items to spruce up their homes. Others drop by for some Swedish meatballs.

Then there are those who go there to film dance videos for TikTok.

Two youths were so passionate about their art that they took offence at a shopper who interrupted their video.

Stomper Anonymous alerted Stomp to the TikTok video posted two days ago, showing two girls performing some dance moves for the camera.

However, the pair had to move out of the way mid-dance for a man who wanted to look at some chairs that were on display behind them.

One of the girls also flashed her middle finger at the man behind his back.

Additionally, the TikTok video was captioned: "That uncle is very crazy."

Stomper Anonymous said: "I came across this video on TikTok and felt very angry at how the girl pointed her middle finger at an elderly uncle who was shopping around. It is totally disrespectful."

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