You're not supposed to turn right from this lane, but this Ferrari driver does not care

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This Ferrari driver broke the law by turning right from a lane where he was supposed to go straight.

A Stomper was headed to work with his colleague on Dec 24 when they witnessed the incident at around 1.58pm.

The Stomper said: "We were travelling along Paya Lebar Road, headed towards Tuas when we saw the Ferrari.

"It was in front of us, in the lane where cars are supposed to go straight.

"However, we noticed that the driver was signalling as though he was going to turn right.

"My colleague took out his phone to film what followed."

In the video, the Stomper can be heard referring to the Ferrari's signal lights saying: "Look downstairs at the arrow."

The Ferrari driver then heads forward and turns right, as the Stomper predicted.

A string of swear words then follows from the Stomper and his colleague.

The Stomper told Stomp: "I was shocked that the driver actually did that.

"Driving a luxury car doesn't mean he can have the luxury of breaking the law."

The Stomper said that this was the first time he had witnessed an encounter like this on the road.

According to the Highway Code, drivers must obey the directions indicated by arrows or words marked in the lanes.