'Young punk' punches safety convex mirror until glass shatters

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A youth was seen expressing his rage at a safety convex mirror by punching it repeatedly while his friends watched and recorded videos.

It is unclear when and where the incident happened.

A video of the youth's behaviour was posted on Instagram Stories and subsequently re-uploaded by Facebook pages such as SG Road Vigilante and ROADS.sg.

In the audioless 31-second clip that was shared with Stomp, a bespectacled youth can be seen punching a safety convex mirror multiple times until its glass broke.

At least two others were taking videos of the youth's antics.

A caption on the video said: "My frend (sic) was drunk ok it was so funny HAHAHAHA".

The Instagram account that posted the video appears to be no longer available.

According to the Vandalism Act, anyone found guilty of stealing, destroying or damaging any public property faces a fine of up to $2,000 and a jail term of up to three years.