'Young punk' flashes middle finger and yells 'f*** you lah!' during road dispute

Submitted by Stomper Eski

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A motorcyclist was caught on camera hurling vulgarities and flashing his middle finger during a road dispute on Sunday afternoon (Dec 20).

Stomper Eski said the incident occurred at the junction of Central Boulevard and Marina Gardens Drive at around 12.20pm.

Eski recounted: "This P-Plate motorcyclist on a right turn-only lane insisted on going straight, not once but twice.

"The first time was at the junction of Central Boulevard into Marina Gardens Drive and the second time was at the next junction into Bayfront Avenue.

"I tried to reason with him but he just started getting abusive, hurled vulgarities and flipped the bird at me."

A video that Eski shared with Stomp shows the motorcyclist shouting, "F*** you lah!" during an argument between the two.

The motorcyclist's pillion rider can also be seen making a hand gesture.

Eski, who also uploaded the video on YouTube, added: "Arrogant and oblivious young punks like these should be off the roads for the safety of others."