Young girl injured in scooter accident: Police advises anyone with info to lodge a report

Police have responded to reports of an incident involving a toddler who was injured and had to undergo surgery after an accident on Sep 25.

A spokesperson for the Police told Stomp:

"Anyone with more information regarding the incident may come forward to lodge a Police report at any Neighbourhood Police Centre/Post or via the Electronic Police Centre at

"Alternatively, information may also be submitted via the I-Witness portal at All information will be kept strictly confidential."

The incident first came to light when a post by Facebook user Bryan Loke -- which Stomper Joyce alerted Stomp to -- alleged that the girl had been hit by an electric scooter rider at Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

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Bryan said, "A girl was hit by [a] suspected SW3 with LED lighting during Sunday late night. [She is] hospitalised and underwent surgery for [a] deep cut on [the] nose region. Culprit unknown."

An article about the incident and Bryan's post was also reported on All Singapore Stuff on Sep 26.

The accident sparked outrage among netizens, with many criticising the e-scooter community. Some also called for stricter laws involving e-scooters.

However, Stomp understands that the toddler was riding a manual scooter and it was believed that she had most likely fallen down by herself.

The incident apparently occurred in the public space near the promenade, and not at MBS as the Facebook post had claimed. The area is said to be known for being a blind spot.

As there were no witnesses to what happened because the girl's mother had briefly left her child to play on her own, it could not be established that there was an electric scooter rider or another party involved in the mishap.

An ambulance was called and the girl was conveyed to hospital.

However, a second report by All Singapore Stuff on Sep 27 alleged that a man had witnessed an e-scooter rider knocking the girl over.

According to the article, the rider was a Pokemon Go player who was chasing after a Lapras.

"The girl was crying in her father's arm and I heard him shouting he was calling for ambulance," the witness, identified as Leon Li, said.

Check out Leon's account of what happened in the gallery.