Young boy dashes across road in Tampines, allegedly under maid's supervision

A young boy dashed across a road along Tampines Street 84 at around 5.24pm on Jun 27.

In a video posted on Singapore Roads safety/Roads safety.SG's Facebook page, the boy is seen standing by the side of the road, before running across when he saw that the coast was clear.

He then stood there for a while, seemingly waiting for someone on the other side of the road.

After about half a minute, a woman who was allegedly the maid is then seen walking across the road as well, while carrying a backpack.

(Story continues after post)

The post read: "Parents beware, please educate your helper before it's too late.

"I saw this little boy at around 5.24pm crossing the road along Tampines street 84 alone today (Jun 27).

"He looks to be at the age where he's attending kindergarten. He was wearing a yellow top and blue shorts, which was a childcare uniform.

"I believe he is from ELFA Preschool & Childcare at Tampines Central [Community Club].

"Luckily there was a taxi driver who stopped there and made sure he ran over safely. I was wondering why he was dashing across the road without any adult by his side.

"After so long then we saw the maid, which is very irresponsible.

"I hope it [this video] can somehow reach his parents to avoid a tragedy from happening. A life at stake is no joke."

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