You'll be amused to see what's hitching a ride on this car along Orchard Boulevard

Submitted by Stomper Tham

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We have heard our fair share of tailgating stories and also tried out ride-sharing services.

But what Stomper Tham saw along Orchard Boulevard at around 1.30pm on Sunday (Dec 9) is not your usual hitchhiker.

Tham, who was travelling as a car passenger, was at a loss for words when she spotted a stuffed Snorlax toy hanging out from the rear bumper of a vehicle in front of her.

She said: "The Pokemon plushie was almost brushing the road.

"The strange thing was that it was NOT hanging out from the boot."

Tham was unsure if the driver was aware of his extra passenger, but added: "I wondered if someone was playing a joke [on the driver]."