"You langgar my brother": Guy punches and kicks another man at Clarke Quay

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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Two men were caught on video fighting at what looks to be Clarke Quay.

A Stomper shared the video with Stomp where a guy wearing spectacles is recorded shouting at a man wearing a cap, "You langgar my brother!"

"Langgar" is a Malay word which means "knock down", however, in this scenario, the guy is believed to be saying that the other man is "finding fault" with his "brotherhood".

The guy in specs then shouts that if the other guy is "man enough" he wouldn't be creating these "problems".

He also threatens to "activate" his members.

He then proceeds to throw hits at the other man's head and kicks him before a man with "SECURITY" on his T-shirt intervenes.

It is unclear exactly where or when this happened or what sparked the dispute.

Watch the video below.