You had one job -- but got 8 out of 11 flags wrong during SEA Games broadcast

Submitted by Stomper Angela

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A mix-up in the medal tally table during a Southeast Asian (SEA) Games broadcast has gone viral online and drawn flak from netizens.

Stomper Angela alerted Stomp to a photo of the error and said: "Another fiasco! Flags mismatch the country names."

The flags of eight out of the 11 participating countries -- Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Laos -- had been wrongly attributed during the showcase.

Some social media users pointed out how it was "all over the place".

According to The Star, broadcast Radio Television of Malaysia (RTM) has since apologised for the gaffe during news segments on Thursday and Friday night.

The national broadcaster's director-general of broadcasting, Datuk Abu Bakar Ab Rahim, said "the mistakes occurred at the production level while attempting to update the medal results that are constantly changing."

We will take action in order to prevent something similar from happening again," he added.

This is not the first time there has been an issue with country flags during the 2017 Sea Games.

During its opening ceremony, the Indonesian flag was accidentally printed upside down in an official commemorative magazine.

About a week ago, Poland’s flag was mistaken for Indonesia’s in a Malaysian newspaper.

And more recently, broadcasters got Malaysia's own flag wrong during the men's 50m freestyle swimming finals.

National swimmer Keith Lim Kit Sern was tagged with the Singaporean flag and under the abbreviation "KUL" (Kuala Lumpur) instead of "MAS" (Malaysia), reported The Star.