You can donate food to fridges for the needy at Block 442 in Tampines: Stomp did!

Stomp came across a post shared by Facebook user Sendra Rybina Sim about an initiative to help the needy that's being held at Block 442 Tampines Street 43.

Sendra told Stomp that she was touched about the initiative thus would like to spread awareness of it.

Let’s share our extras to help the needy:)
Tampines st 42 Blk 441:)

Posted by Sendra Rybina Sim on Friday, 24 August 2018

Hence, Stomp decided to check the place out -- but we did not show up empty-handed.

To show our support, we bought some fish and placed them in one of the refrigerators. 

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Under this grassroots initiative titled 'My Kind Of Fridge', two full-sized refrigerators and one freezer are placed at the void deck of Block 441 Tampines Street 43 for the public to donate fresh food -- such as vegetables, fish, meat, eggs or fruits -- to needy residents from Block 441 and 442.

Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC and chairman of Tampines Town Council Baey Yam Keng said that the initiative, which commenced in January 2017, is supported by the town council, reports The Straits Times.

Mr Baey, 48, explained: "There were initially just two refrigerators. The freezer was added subsequently as a group of fishing enthusiasts has been donating their catch and requested for more space."

He added that there are about 100 rental units at the two blocks the refrigerators serve in Tampines. The refrigerators are accessible round the clock and have signs that say "Take what you need. Leave some for neighbours in need".

Mr Baey also posted on his Twitter account that a restaurant had donated five baskets of vegetables.