'Free money' vending machine stunt at Orchard Road cancelled, Raffles Place event cut short

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Update at 4pm:

The 5pm - 8pm event at Orchard Road today (Feb 28) has been cancelled, according to its organiser.

In an Instagram post, 3DollarBaller said: "Unfortunately the event at Orchard later will no longer push through as all the $50 notes are fully redeemed.

"Watch this space tomorrow to see what $3 can get you!"

Stomp understands that the 12pm event at Raffles Place this afternoon was also cut short after the police turned up, as the organiser did not apply for a permit.

Original article:

Two vending machines at Orchard Road and Raffles Place have apparently been dispensing 'free money' (well, almost) during these couple of days (Feb 27 and 28).

It seems that by inserting $3, you can get a $50 note in return -- while stocks last. That means you actually gain $47, no strings attached.

Stomper Ahlee123 said she received a WhatsApp message yesterday (Feb 27) informing her about the cash vending machine located outside H&M's Somerset store.

She said: "The message contained a link to #3DollarBaller, which led to a website that looked dubious. I was going to town anyway so I thought I would check it out.

"There was a huge crowd and so many people were there lining up. People were inserting $3 and I really saw the machine giving out real, hard cash in a $50 note.

"So I tried it and it was really LEGIT free money – the best barter trade ever?! Too good to be true. Don’t know what’s the catch here but something is definitely going on here.

"Was anyone there today also?? Any idea who and why they giving out money??"

Photos from Ahlee123 show how a long queue had formed at the vending machine in Somerset.

The other vending machine is located at Raffles Place Green, near Chevron House.

The event is believed to be a publicity stunt, though not much details have been revealed yet.

According to the #3DollarBaller website, here are details of the two-day 'giveaway', which started yesterday and will last till "all cash prizes are full redeemed".

27 February 2018, 5pm - 8pm:
Between H&M near 313@Somerset and ION Orchard

28 February 2018, 12pm - 3pm:
Raffles Place Green near Chevron House

28 February 2018, 5pm - 8pm:
Between H&M near 313@Somerset and ION Orchard​

​The website also promised that they would "reveal it all" tomorrow (March 1), so we'll just have to wait and see.

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