You can afford a van, but you can't pay your own carpark fee?

Submitted by Stomper Sok

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Stomper Sok was shocked when a driver tailgated his car not once but twice, just to avoid paying at the gantries. 

The incident happened a multi-story carpark near Block 16A Ghim Moh Road on Monday (March 12) at around 7.10am, and was captured on a rear camera on Sok’s car.

In the footage, a white van GBC5630J is seen driving very close to Sok’s car at the multi-story carpark.

As Sok exits the gantry, the pickup follows suit, and the boom arm strikes the bonnet of the pickup, before moving up again.

If that was not enough, the vehicle continued tailing Sok’s vehicle and repeated the same thing just as Sok was leaving the HDB carpark.

Said Sok:

“At first he blocked our car from exiting at the multi-story carpark, but the driver suddenly reversed to let us go.

“Once we were in front of him, he sped up and tailgated us to leave the gantry.

“He was so close to us that at times, we could not even see his licence plate number. 

“What this driver did was very dangerous, and his actions were deliberate and well planned.

“I believe that this is not his first time.

“I hope the authorities can do something about this.”