YOLO cheekily adds stool to menu after man takes one from Ocean Financial Centre outlet

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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A man was caught on video taking a stool from a restaurant at Ocean Financial Centre on Jan 24.

Stomper Anonymous alerted Stomp to the incident and said that it happened shortly after the local eatery YOLO had opened its new outlet there.

In a video posted by YOLO, a man can bee seen picking up one of the stools and walking away with it after the restaurant had closed, at about 8.10pm.


The Stomper told Stomp that the stool cost about $85 and that they had made a police report shortly following the incident.

The police confirmed with Stomp a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.

However, YOLO has decided to look on the bright side.

She joked: "Since the stool is becoming such a popular item, we thought it should be included in our Signature Menu!"

"Just thought that we wanted to make an unfortunate event a positive and funny one."