Yishun resident surprised by fireworks display above multi-storey carpark

Submitted by Stomper Kyocheong

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Kyocheong was surprised to see fireworks going off above a multi-storey carpark at Yishun Ring Road at midnight on Oct 18.

This was the first time that she has seen fireworks in the area near Yishun Park Hawker Centre.

She shared a video of the display to Stomp.

She added that she was unsure who had fired the fireworks into the sky.

"Is this even legal?" she asked.

In response to a Stomp query, a Police spokesman said:

"The Police confirmed a report was lodged and are looking into the matter."

Stomp understands that the incident took place at Block 419 Yishun Avenue 11. 

Watch the video below.