Yishun resident smokes along common corridor -- while looking at CCTV camera

Submitted by Stomper Victor

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Despite knowing that Stomper Victor has two young children, his neighbour continues to smoke along the corridor at their Yishun Street 51 block.

According to Victor, this has been ongoing for a year ever since he moved in to Block 501 last December.

The Stomper, whose kids are aged three and two, said: "This occupant from the opposite unit keeps smoking in front of my door in the public corridor. He would sit on his bicycle and look at the camera while smoking.

"He does this every few days and twice each day (once in the morning and once in the evening).

"Whenever we open the door, we can smell the intensified haze of second-hand smoke that has affected the health of my kids.

"Whenever my wife returns from work, he would deliberately smoke in front of her and glare at her.

"I have told him off, but he doesn't care."