Yishun resident hangs pails outside window, neighbours worried someone might kick the bucket

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Mar 10, 2023

Hoping to save on her water bill, an elderly resident in Yishun decided to collect rainwater using buckets. 

And her method of hanging three buckets on bamboo poles outside her kitchen window has caused some safety concerns, reported Shin Min Daily News

The 70-year-old woman lives on the 10th floor of an HDB block in Yishun Ring Road. 

To secure the buckets — two small and one large — she would hang them on bamboo poles and secure them with clothes pegs. 

When a Shin Min reporter visited the flat, he noticed several plants outside the woman’s unit, and surmised that she uses the rainwater to water them. 

Another resident, surnamed Luo, said that during a heavy downpour last Sunday (March 5), he saw the buckets dangling outside the woman's window. 

"It's very dangerous! Why save that even that little bit of water? What will happen when [the bucket] falls and hits someone?" Luo said. 

Another resident, surnamed Chen, pointed out that the elderly woman might one day forget that the buckets are outside her window. 

"It will be too late when an accident happens. If it falls and hits someone, the consequences will be disastrous," said Chen. 

According to HDB, residents who fail to remove objects placed in a hazardous manner, after a warning is issued, may be fined up to $2,000. 

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