Yishun resident grateful to Singapore Pools staff for safekeeping his Toto tickets

Submitted by Stomper Chan

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Even though his lottery numbers did not win, a man nevertheless felt like he had struck gold indeed after his heartwarming encounter with a Good Samaritan.

Stomper Chan, a resident at Skies Miltonia condominium in Yishun, visited the Singapore Pools outlet in FairPrice supermarket at Wisteria Mall on the evening of May 29.

He said: "Mdm Ho Su Pang was manning the counter. I bought 4D as well as one System 7 ticket and $2 worth of Quick Pick.

"When I reached home, I discovered that I did not have the two Toto tickets with me and wondered if Mdm Ho had forgotten to key it in.

"On June 1 at around 6.20pm, there were another 10 minutes to the lottery results so I went to buy 4D at the same outlet.

"Mdm Ho came out and told me that I had not taken the two tickets from my previous visit. The two tickets were stapled together and put in a plastic bag. She had already informed the office about it and was waiting for me to come back and collect the tickets."

The incident left a deep impact on Chan even though his numbers did not end up winning.

He told Stomp: "I am happy and proud that there is such honest staff at Singapore Pools, FairPrice and Wisteria Mall.

"Well done, Mdm Ho. Keep it up."