Yet another customer left with no food and no refund after order gets delivered to wrong address

Submitted by Stomper Eileen

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Yet another customer has been unable to get a refund after her food order was delivered to the wrong address.

Stomper Eileen shared with Stomp that she made an order via Foodpanda on Monday night (Apr 3).

Eileen recalled reading an article on Stomp on Mar 23 about another customer who failed to get a refund after his food was delivered to the wrong address.

"Within less than a month, this happened again," she said.

She shared a screenshot of the picture proof of the order and a photo of her actual front door.

"This is the photo proof of my order's delivery but it's clearly the wrong address," she said.

In a screenshot of a conversation she had in the in-app chat, the customer service representative said: "I hope you can understand there's nothing more we can do for your case."

Eileen said she has yet to receive any email from Foodpanda.

"This is very unacceptable," she said.

"It's a scam.

"We paid but we got no food.

"All the proof was given but they still didn't give us back the money!"