Wow! Lady boss of Thai restaurant at Bedok offers free buffet dinner on eve of CNY

Submitted by Stomper Freya

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A Thai restaurant at Block 531, Bedok North Street 3 recently organised a free buffet dinner for those in need on the eve of Chinese New Year (Jan 27).

Stomper Freya shared photos showing a banner at the restaurant, Yummy Thai, as well as the mouth-watering dishes that were offered at the buffet.

According to the banner, the meal was meant for the elderly and for those who were unable to travel home for a reunion dinner wih their loved ones.

"All are welcome to enjoy the Share of Love by Yummy Thai," it also said.

Stomper Freya added:

"Very nice of the lady boss to do so as not everyone is able to have a reunion dinner and most of the food stalls are closed."