Would you still eat here if you saw these cockroaches scurrying around?

Submitted by Stomper Alexander

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Stomper Alexander was at Holland Drive Market and Food Centre on Wednesday night (Aug 23) when an intrusion of cockroaches scurried out of the drain beside him.

He quickly recorded a video of the repugnant sight. 

In the video, the pests could be seen scuttling around on the floor of the food centre. 

Alexander subsequently sent the video to Tanjong Pager Town Council via Facebook on Wednesday (Aug 23) and got a reply at around 11.27am on Thursday (Aug 24).

He was told that the cockroaches had been escaping as a blockage in the drain had caused flooding. 

Said Alexander:

"Both the contracted cleaning companying and pest control company could have done a better job to prevent this from happening."