Would you feel safe with these drivers?

Submitted by Stomper Cindy, William, Anonymous

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A Grab driver, a bus captain and a cabby were caught on camera steering with only one hand while driving.

Three passengers in three different vehicles felt that their safety was compromised by the behaviour of the person behind the wheel in each of their respective vehicles.

Stomper Cindy shared a photo of a driver in a private-hire car whom she described as "driving with attitude".

"The Grab driver drove with one leg up throughout the journey. Isn't that dangerous driving?" she asked.

To Stomper William, who shared a photo of a SBS Transit bus captain with one hand casually resting not on the steering wheel, there was no question.

"It's dangerous driving," he said. "Driving with one hand along the road at Sims Way."

Another Stomper described what a ComfortDelgro cabby was doing as "carefree driving".

"Taxi driver with one leg folded and one hand was continuously rubbing a coin with a towel and driving at the same time," said the Stomper, who shared a video of the incident.

"Is it safe for passengers to travel in this cab?"

Last month, another SBS Transit bus captain was caught on video driving with one leg up and both his hands not on the steering wheel for a brief moment.

In response to a Stomp query, Mrs Grace Wu, Vice President (Special Grade) of Customer Experience and Communications at SBS Transit said: "We take a serious view of this and are taking disciplinary action against the bus captain concerned."