Workers repair machinery on elevated platform at AMK Industrial Park -- with no guard-rails or protective gear

Submitted by Stomper A

Stomper A was shocked to see a few men standing on an elevated platform a few storeys high and working on heavy machinery, without any safety harnesses or personal protection equipment (PPE).

A took a video the incident which happened at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park yesterday (Jun 17) at around 10.30am, and sent it to Stomp.

In the video the men were seen working on the platform which was a few storeys high without PPE. 

What worse, there were no guard-rails on one side of the platform, but the workers continued working precariously on the platform.

Said A:

“This is clearly unsafe.

“There were no harnesses, guard-rails or any form of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

“What if someone fell?”