Worker helps elderly woman with cardboard trolley at Potong Pasir

Submitted by Stomper Van

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A Stomper was out for a jog when he came across a heartwarming sight at Potong Pasir on Monday evening (Feb 1).

Stomper Van shared how he saw a worker helping an elderly woman push her trolley loaded with cardboard along the road.

"I was running on my usual jogging route along the park connector in Potong Pasir at around 6pm when this heartwarming sight caught my attention instantly.

"An old frail lady was pushing her cardboard collection trolley with great difficulty up a slope near St Andrew's Village.

"A worker saw that and without hesitation, ran swiftly to help her.

"This is something not even many Singaporeans would do.

"I felt so thankful and grateful to this worker for his selfless act, I commend such a good Samaritan!"