Worker at Little India MRT station tops up woman's card with $10, surprised by how she repaid him

Submitted by Stomper Silan

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A worker at Little India MRT station went the extra mile to help a passenger in need – and was surprised when she returned the favour.

The incident occurred on Jan 6, at around 5pm.

Stomper Silan said a Burmese woman had approached him at his workplace at the MRT station's passenger service centre.

He recounted: "She said she was there to visit her boss in hospital and was going back when she realised that her EZ-Link card did not have enough value to take the train. She had also forgotten to bring her wallet.

"When I asked her where she stayed, she said Tiong Bahru. I took her EZ-Link card and topped it up with $10 from my bank card, then passed it back to her."

Silan said he does this for passengers in need often, adding: "Normally, I just tell them to return the money when they come to Little India again, though no one usually does.

"I don't take it as a big loss because I am not going to be rich with $5 or $10.

"However, the woman asked me to write my name on paper so that she could return me the money.

"The next day, I received a call from colleagues that someone had been looking for me since morning and that they had told the person that they could find me from 3pm onwards as I was on the night shift.

"Later that day, I was sitting inside the station's passenger service centre when the same woman approached me with $10 and a small piece of paper in her hand.

"She passed me the money and paper while saying thank you with a big smile and happy face, then just walked away from the station."

Silan shared a photo of the note that the woman had given him, in which she expressed her gratitude and signed off on.

He told Stomp that while what the woman did might not seem like a "big thing", it was a deep gesture of appreciation and "she cheered me up by giving this note".

Silan added: "These passengers are the ones who create humanity in our industry. This kind of appreciation should be given to all our beloved staff, including bus drivers, to cheer them up.

"I am sharing my story to motivate all workers in the service sector and to let them know that all of them will receive this kind of appreciation by giving help to people who need it.

"Thank you, Stomp. I hope this story can reach many people and inspire them to help anyone in need. A small thing can make people's day better."