Woodlands resident who cluttered corridor cooperative in clearing items away: Town council

Submitted by Stomper Daniel

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A Woodlands resident who left his items along the corridor was cooperative in clearing the clutter away, said Sembawang Town Council.

Stomper Daniel first shared his frustrations on Nov 27 when he saw the clutter along the corridor at Block 693D Woodlands Avenue 6.

Photos that Daniel sent show flower pots, plants and bamboo poles along the corridor.

"This resident occupies a lot of space by placing flower pots and other unused stuff along the corridor. It makes it difficult for other families to walk past every day," Daniel said.

"I'm living at the end, just by the corner, and it is tough to push my baby's pram along this path.

"There are also many flies near the flower pots, and it doesn't smell too good."

In response a Stomp query, a spokesman for Sembawang Town Council said: "We have gone down to the unit in question and have spoken to the resident. The resident has been cooperative when requested to shift some items away.

"We will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action to ensure an obstruction-free passageway."