Woodlands resident turns lift lobby into 'personal gym'

Submitted by Stomper Wong

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A resident turned the lift lobby at Block 621 Woodlands Drive 52 into his 'personal gym'.

Stomper Wong, who is also a resident at the block, was frustrated when he saw that the lift lobby was cluttered with gym equipment on Monday (Oct 26) at 8pm and shared a photo with Stomp.

In the photo, the gym equipment can be seen taking up a large space at the lift lobby.

"This is frustrating, inconsiderate and not how a public area should be used," Wong said.

"How can the resident use the lift lobby area to put his personal gym equipment?

"Is it safe to access the lift area while there is a workout session going on?

"There are even heavyweights and dumbbells, which can be dangerous especially if there are children walking around.

"I believe that the resident is a personal gym coach. But it is still not right to just bring visitors to exercise right at the lift lobby.

"This has been happening for about two months now and I'm really frustrated."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Sembawang Town Council said that notices have been served to the owner of the fitness equipment to remove the items.

"Our officer has also been engaging with the resident on the removal of the equipment," added the town council spokesman.

"The resident has been cooperative, and the equipment has been completely cleared on Wednesday morning (Oct 28) with the town council's assistance.

"We will continue to monitor the area to ensure there will be no recurrence."

Stomper Wong also shared photos of the lift lobby on Wednesday afternoon (Oct 28) to show that the gym equipment has been placed to the side and is no longer blocking the lift.

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