Woodlands resident saddened by 'botak' trees -- but here's why they had to go

Submitted by Stomper Owl

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A resident expressed concerns and disappointment after seeing trees along Woodlands Street 83 being pruned over the weekend.

Stomper Owl, who has been living in the area for the past 18 years, shared photos of the bald-looking trees near Block 856.

She said pruning works began on Saturday (Dec 17) and added: "I'm very disappointed with the tree-cutting in Woodlands.

"The trees along the road not only gave shade to pedestrians, but also provided greenery and serenity to residents.

"There were many different kinds of beautiful birds residing in the trees and was a lovely sight. But two days ago, all the trees were amputated."

The Stomper shared a photo she took two years ago, showing birds nesting among the trees.

Owl added: "I can understand if some of the branches are cut for public safety but to chop off all the branches from all the trees is too much. Is it to save on trimming costs? I'm curious if you would do the same to your hair."

"From the way the trees were chopped, they have lost their shape and I doubt they can ever grow back their luscious canopy."

However, it is necessary that the trees are pruned for your safety.

Sembawang Town Council told Stomp in response to queries: "These Yellow Flame trees are etiolated due to the surrounding tall buildings.

"For public safety and stability of the trees, we acted on the advice of our arborist to reduce their crowns."

Etiolation is when plants become weak, spindly and sickly due to a lack of sunlight. It is not reversible and the elongated growth is now a permanent feature of the affected plants.

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