Women shelter wheelchair-bound GrabFood deliveryman from rain in Dhoby Ghaut

Submitted by Stomper Ron

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Two women were spotted sheltering a wheelchair-bound GrabFood deliveryman from the rain in Dhoby Ghaut at about 5pm on Friday (Nov 29).

Stomper Ron was working in his office at Level 4M of the shopping mall when he noticed it was raining.

He contributed videos of the scene he witnessed as he looked out of a window.

Ron told Stomp: "It was raining heavily that day. I saw a passer-by holding onto an umbrella and walking with the man on the wheelchair.

"She was also holding onto the GrabFood delivery bag. 

"I thought they were related, perhaps brother and sister doing food deliveries together, but I realised that they probably aren't after taking a closer look.

"A second passer-by then came along and that's when I started filming the videos. 

"I saw her use her umbrella to shelter the man on the wheelchair as well and she helped carry the food delivery bag.

"You can see from the videos that he's pointing out the direction he wants to go.

"This is a heartwarming and also a heartbreaking situation. 

"I run my own social enterprise called Inclusive Arts Movement where I help bring about awareness on those who are differently abled. 

"I am also 80% deaf and I do wear hearing aids so I feel more empathetic towards people in similar situations.

"It really hit my heart when I saw this wheelchair-bound man doing food deliveries, so I decided to take videos and share them with Stomp."

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