Women open sealed products to sniff them at Tampines store: 'One even pulled down her mask'

Submitted by Stomper S

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On a list of things you should not do during the Covid-19 pandemic, pulling down your mask and exposing yourself as well as others to invisible droplets probably ranks quite high.

Not that these three women paid any heed.

Stomper S was concerned to see the group of women opening sealed products to smell them at Bath & Body Works at Tampines Mall shopping centre on November 11.

This was despite testers at the store being kept away due to Covid-19.

S recounted: "I saw the three women going around the store and opening bottles of body lotion to sniff the scent of the lotions at around 8.55pm.

"The testers had all been kept for obvious reasons because of the current pandemic situation.

"Patrons can actually still approach the staff for help if they want to know what the products smell like. But instead of doing so, these women went around opening bottles to sniff.

"One of the women even pulled down her mask and placed her nose so close to the cap of the bottle to sniff the scent.

"I find their actions totally unhygienic and disgusting.

"In view of the current Covid-19 situation, we should all be prudent about hygiene levels and be responsible for our actions.

"I hope by sharing this, I’m able to let other shoppers know that these actions are really unwarranted and we should not be behaving like these women."

In photos that S submitted, one of the women can be seen with her mask below her nose. Another woman is seen placing an opened bottle right in front of her nose and smelling it.

Stomp contacted Bath & Body Works for more info on Nov 13 and Nov 18 but did not get a response by press time.