Women 'destroy' eyeshadow tester at Bugis+ store by digging it with makeup brush

Two young women were caught on camera damaging makeup testers in a beauty store at Bugis+ last Thursday afternoon (Aug 29).

The incident occurred in Seoul Beaute at around 4pm.

According to CCTV footage and photos uploaded on Seoul Beaute's Instagram page, the women had allegedly "destroyed" an eyeshadow palette using the back of a makeup brush.

The store wrote in its caption: "Seoul Beaute welcomes all store visitors to try our testers freely. There is never an obligation to make a purchase.

"However, "free to use" does not mean an item has "no value". Testers are placed there for the benefit of ALL CUSTOMERS, and we urge everyone to be considerate and not destroy our property thoughtlessly. #beresponsible #letsdobetter"

(Photo: Seoul Beaute/Instagram)

When contacted by Shin Min Daily News, the store owner's daughter said she and another colleague were the only ones in the shop at the time of the incident.

Ms Li Qinning, 24, shared: "My colleague was tending to customers while I was handling some goods, so we didn't notice the two women."

It was only around 30 minutes later when Ms Li went to greet some customers at the store entrance, then did she notice the damaged eyeshadow palette.

Initially thinking that children were behind the vandalism, Ms Li realised that the culprits were actually the two women upon checking CCTV footage.

She added: "Much of the eyeshadow in the palette had been dug out with an eyeshadow brush."

According to Ms Li, product testers placed on a shelf at the store entrance are sometimes damaged by children, but this is the first time adults are responsible.

Ms Li, who spent almost half an hour repairing the eyeshadow palette, said her colleague posted the CCTV footage online in hopes of discouraging such behaviour.

In the video, one of the women had also sprayed body mist on herself haphazardly.

(Photo: Shin Min Daily News)

When reporters visited the store on Aug 30, they saw that a notice telling customers not to try the body mist had been put up at the shelf.

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