Women change clothes in front of men and kids at St John's Island despite toilet nearby

Submitted by Stomper Rubi

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Visitors at St John's Island were left shaking their heads as the sight of several women changing their clothes unfolded in front of them.

The incident occurred on Sunday (Apr 3), at around 11am.

Stomper Rubi was one of those who involuntarily had a front-row seat to the incident.

Rubi shared a six-minute-long video with Stomp and said: "Everyone was at the shelter as it was raining heavily.

"This group of women came to the shelter as well. They were eating and enjoying themselves.

"Just after the rain stopped, the women started to get up and change their clothes. They didn’t even care that there were so many guys and kids around. And the toilet was just beside the shelter, less than one minute away.

"I got so disappointed as I had a child with me. Everyone was looking at the women and shaking their heads as they were even changing their inner wear."