Woman's order MIA after Foodpanda deliveryman insists she come downstairs to collect food

Submitted by Stomper Aerielle

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A woman felt cheated after her food delivery order went missing after the deliveryman insisted on her coming down to collect her order in person.

Stomper Aerielle, who works at a clinic, told Stomp that she had placed an order via Foodpanda for her lunch on May 3.

She said: "When the rider arrived, he called and said, 'Can you come down to the lobby to collect your food? I never wear mask.'

"I told him the concierge at the lobby could provide him with a mask.

"He refused and said, 'Can you just come down?'

"I told him I'm busy in the clinic and cannot go down.

"He then ended the call.

"He called back and said, 'Can you come down or ask your colleagues to come down?'

"I said, 'Sorry, we are all busy.'

"He replied, 'Busy, then don't order!'

"What on earth is this? If we are so free we would not even order in the first place!"

Aerielle then said Foodpanda's support team called her and told her they would give refund the $22.70 she paid but when she checked the status of the order, it said 'delivered'.

When she reached out to Foodpanda through their live chat feature, she said the agent refused to grant her her refund.

"They only kept repeating the same thing over and over again and even shut me off the chat before I even finished," she said.

"How is this even justifiable?

"Not getting anything you ordered and Foodpanda literally just shut you off and claimed they are not giving any refund.

"I'm also pretty sure I'm not the only customer that experienced this! 

"I saw many articles online stating that Foodpanda did not give refunds despite not delivering items and such.

"Please be wary when placing your orders people!"