Woman's $1.6k TAG Heuer diamond watch goes missing 1 hour after buying it from seller at Compass One cafe

Submitted by Stomper Joshua

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Stomper Joshua's mother had just bought a TAG Heuer diamond watch from a seller on Carousell when it went missing barely an hour after collecting it at Compass One on Monday (Aug 13).

Joshua's mother had bought the watch, a 37mm Formula 1 Ladies Quartz with 120 full cut diamonds (0.75 carat) on its bezel, for $1,600 on Carousell and arranged to meet the seller at Koi Cafe.

The watch was in an orange Tangs paper bag and placed right next to her.

"My mother was busy on her phone before getting up from her seat when she realised the whole orange bag was missing," said Joshua.

Joshua estimated that his mum had the watch for no longer than an hour when it was taken between 2 to 2.30pm on Monday.

"My mother alerted the cafe to the incident and also made a police report," he said.

Joshua told Stomp he hopes the power of social media can help his mother get her watch back.

"My mother asked me to help her post this on Stomp," he said.

"I hope this person will return this present to her as it was a present for herself."

The watch's serial number is WAC1215.BC0840.

If you have any information regarding the missing watch, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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