Woman who plucked Tampines resident's plants throws rubbish at his doorstep again

Submitted by Stomper Muhammad

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A woman who has been plucking her neighbour's plants as well as dumping rubbish and spitting at his doorstep is up to her usual antics again.

This comes less than three weeks after Stomper Muhammad, a resident at Block 522C Tampines Central 7, shared videos of his neighbour being a menace.

He said that the woman has been behaving this way ever since moving in a year ago. The situation has persisted even despite contacting the town council and police.

On Friday evening (Dec 17), Muhammad caught his neighbour throwing rubbish at his doorstep again.

A video shows the woman tossing an object at Muhammad's doorstep in the presence of her child.

The Stomper said: "My family and I are very stressed every day. My son is also afraid of her whenever he sees her outside the house.

"She is a teacher so I just can't understand how she can behave like this? Most of the teachers I know are well-respected, have a good attitude and show understanding. I wonder how she is teaching her students?"