Woman who gave away free masks on Carousell leaves more in lift at Sengkang HDB block

Submitted by Stomper Kuthuf

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A Carousell seller who earned the respect of netizens for giving away free surgical masks has put masks in a lift of a Sengkang HDB block as well.

She is being applauded once again especially amidst others selling masks at inflated prices and those who have been arrested for scamming others out of hundreds of dollars.

Stomper Kuthuf shared with Stomp photos of masks put up in a lift at Block 309D Anchorvale Road

"A kind act from a kind-hearted neighbour," he said.

Next to the masks is a notice by the neighbour thanking other residents for their written wishes and blessings.

She urges residents to allow those who are pregnant, elderly and/or sick to help themselves to the masks she's left in multiple lifts as she is only left with 15 bags of masks for each lift.

At the end of the note, she leaves her Carousell handle: ilovesingapoersg.

Stomp earlier reached out to the Carousell seller, who wants to be known only as CNG, after she was praised for giving masks away for free online.

She had bought 300 masks for $195 from other online sellers after struggling to find them in supermarkets and pharmacies.

She told Stomp: "I just want to contribute to society and give a little help."