Woman who dashed out in front of Range Rover from blind spot 'could have died'

Submitted by Stomper DL

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Things could have gone very wrong for a pedestrian and a driver whose car she dashed out in front of from a blind spot outside Orchard Hotel on March 12.

Stomper DL, a Range Rover driver, told Stomp that the incident occurred at around 8.30pm.

He was on his way to Shaw Centre to pick up his wife when he drove past the hotel -- and nearly hit a female pedestrian dashing across the road.

The woman was running towards her ride, which she then boarded.

Describing the incident as "really ridiculous," DL said: "There was a big truck there so the pathway was very narrow. You can also see how dark it was. I nearly knocked her down.

"I drive a Range Rover and it's huge. My front left tyre would have ran over the woman if I had stepped harder on my accelerator. She would be in the hospital and could have died. I would be in jail. My car would be in the workshop."

DL cautioned other pedestrians from following in the woman's footsteps and added: "Drivers tend to be the ones always at fault but pedestrians should behave responsibly too.

"Please be considerate and kind to all the safe drivers out there.

"A million thanks!"

DL also said that the near-miss left him "in shock".