Woman walking around in bikini bottoms gets tongues wagging in Sabah

A photo of a woman wearing a pink long sleeve shirt and a white bikini bottom while walking around a complex in Sabah went viral and sparked a hot discussion among netizens.

The photo was taken near an eatery at the Asia City complex.

A man commented on social media: "Is Sabah really that hot? I have to order another iced coffee after seeing her walk past."

Another joked that it was now a "trend" to walk in panties under the hot sun.

According to The Star, State Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Christina Liew said in response to the photo that Sabah always welcomes tourists to the state famous for its natural beauty but at the same time they should be mindful of what they wear.

She added she understood that visitors want to feel comfortable on holiday, but they should be aware of cultural sensitivities.

“We hope tourists can understand this and not walk around in their underwear,” she said.

Liew said that tour guides should remind visitors of dos and don'ts in Sabah.

"Some of the guidelines are pure common sense," she said.

"They are adults."