Woman visits grandma with toddler and finds out cousin has Covid-19 after entering home

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Feb 4, 2022

This woman went to visit grandma, with her husband and two-year-old daughter, and found something unexpected.


It turned out that a cousin who lives with the grandmother had just found out that he had caught the coronavirus, and his wife came out and told them.

So the family left in a hurry.

The woman later put up a video on TikTok, showing her reaction.

@workingwithmonolids I actually have a video of the moment it happened. Not sure if TikTok wants to see 1 min of shaky cam footage though. #asianfamilyproblems ♬ original sound - Hostile Bond

She said she found that her phone camera had been recording the whole scene. And she put that up as well.

@workingwithmonolids Reply to @ilovehokkienmee so glad I have evidence because I would think I was crazy/making things up too #familydrama ♬ original sound - Baby Evee

Some of those commenting praised her for keeping (relatively) calm, while others felt there was no need to panic.

The woman replied that the “insane cussing happened in the car”. The little girl had “learnt a few new words & we’re working on getting her to forget them”.

"Bad mom moment," she added.

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