Woman underwhelmed by $15 vegetables that cost even more than chicken dish

Submitted by Stomper Sally

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A woman who had dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen at Tampines Mall was completely underwhelmed by the vegetable dish she had ordered and surprised at how expensive it was.

Stomper Sally had visited the restaurant on Feb 13 and told Stomp she had ordered the sauteed kailan with assorted mushroom.

The dish cost $15.80.

"After tax and service charge, it's $18.60 and even more expensive than the chicken," she said.

Sally had forgotten to take a photo of the dish at the time but shared an image she had gotten from the restaurant's online menu.

"I went to their menu and it looks so much better than the dish we received.

"Ours just had a few stalks of baby kailan.

"I feel cheated."

She added: "If the dish was $10 or $12, I would have understood because it's a restaurant but selling plain baby kailan for $18 is way too expensive."