Woman tries to cancel food order after delivery is delayed, but Grab says it doesn't have 'access'

Submitted by Stomper Elia

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She just wanted to get some dinner for her parents.

But when Grab informed her that her order would be delayed, Stomper Elia tried to cancel her order to no avail.

Unable to wait, she went to McDonald's herself to buy the food and bring it home for her parents, only to find her Grab order had been delivered earlier than expected.

So she ended up with extra food.

The Stomper explained what happened: "On Monday (Oct 17), I ordered McDonald’s via GrabFood at 6pm. Delivery was supposed to be at 7pm. At 6.45pm, the app showed that the delivery was delayed to 8pm.

"As my parents were very hungry, I reached out to Grab for help to cancel the order."

The Stomper shared screenshots of her chat with Grab Support.

Grab Support kept saying sorry and that they do not have "access" to cancel her order.

"Grab Support only knows how to cut and paste templates to say that they cannot cancel my order and I may contact the merchant directly," she told Stomp.

"The chat with merchant function was not even activated and I had no way to contact the merchant at all.

"This is so irresponsible! I am using the Grab platform to order food. Doesn’t Grab have any responsibility to solve the issue instead of pushing it to the merchant?"

As it turned out, the app was wrong about the delivery time.

"Even though the Grab app updated the estimated delivery time to 8pm, the food came much earlier at 7.15pm.

"By then, I had already come back with food that I went to personally buy from the McDonald's in Siglap. So I ended up with two sets of the same items, one from Grab and one that I purchased myself.

"If only Grab were able to reach out to the merchant instead of shirking responsibility, I would not have gone through the trouble and ended up with extra food.

"So my parents ended up eating the same items for lunch the next day."

The Stomper said she has left her feedback with Grab but has not received a reply.